Bitstorm Web Executives Named to Clark State New Media Advisory Board

July 16th, 2012

Tim Hull, President & CEO of Bitstorm Web and Charles Moser, Director of Web Development and Animation have been named to the New Media Advisory Board for Clark State Community College. Messrs. Hull and Moser were instrumental in the development process for the new degree program, the Associate of Applied Business in New Media for Clark State Community College that was officially approved in March by the Ohio Board of Regents.

The proposal for this new degree program was approved with no requests for revision, which is a testimony of the professional teamwork that went into making this degree program one of the new standout curriculums in Ohio. The new curriculum development effort was led by Scott Dawson, Faculty Coordinator of Graphic Design and New Media at Clark State Community College.

The Associate of Applied Business in New Media degree will focus on web design, social media and digital art forms such as photography, video, audio and animation to create interactive experiences for the end user. This computer intensive learning experience will prepare graduates to be new media skilled problem solvers to help move businesses forward in this ever-evolving technological era.

The New Media Advisory Board is a diverse group of new media professionals, like Messrs. Hull and Moser, charged with ensuring that students acquire the appropriate skills needed to effectively fill available job openings within the region. Bitstorm Web is proud to offer its assistance in shaping the workforce of the future.