Bitstorm will take your existing CAD files, and convert them for use in our 3D modeling and animation package. Once your CAD illustration has been converted, we will assign textures and place it into a lighted scene for rendering and animation.  Showcase your next CAD project in an entertaining and engaging presentation.

Bitstorm offers 3D modeling, illustration, CAD visualization and animation capabilities using in-house digital illustrators and animation specialists with years of award-winning experience. Our goal as a Dayton, Ohio development studio is to constantly deliver engaging and compelling digital media productions that attract prospective customers and lead them to a buying decision. Lightwave 3D modeling and animation can be readily integrated into your website or multimedia project.

  • File Types: We can accept over 50 different file types for conversion including Solidworks, IGES and Stereolithograpy file formats (.STL).
  • Output:  We can deliver your CAD Rendering & Animation in still images, Quicktime, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG, Streaming Flash Video (.FLV) and more.

If you have a 3D project that you need rendered under a tight deadline, contact us to learn more about our distributed rendering services.